Martin waited for a few minutes after the Vegas woman had left him alone, and then turned to see if she was still looking at him. She was. He'd had enough of it. She was going to drive him insane. He'd been unable to think about anything else than how she might become a wedge in his and Auvrea's relationship. She obviously thought she was God's gift to the world, although little did she know that Auvrea actually had been his gift. His gift to Martin. 

He'd looked away from her when she sat behind him, and she'd seemed to take that as a compliment! 'Why don't you take a little walk on the devils side will your little angel is asleep.' The very idea of leaving Auvrea whilst she slept was disturbing, leaving her vulnerable. He didn't know what she'd be vulnerable to exactly, but he knew she would be. She'd gripped his face and he'd felt furious. Who the hell does she think she is? He'd been polite, as ever, but she'd seemed to ignore that, talking again. Something about apples, for some reason or another. He just switched off until she stopped trying to convince him she was better than Auvrea. She wishes.

Still bitter, he waited. Waited until Auvrea stirred. Although she was as threatening as a sleeping puppy even when she was awake, he felt better leaving her for a few minutes. He moved past her and walked towards the Vegas girl. He looked at her costume. The feathers caught the light unrealistically. God, she's an idiot. She seemed genuinely excited as he walked back to her, her face lighting up. He passed a man wearing reflective sunglasses, his hair gelled back, who was watching him intently, obviously interested in the situation. Martin didn't dislike him as much as worry about this man's opinion about him. Does he think I'm abandoning Auvrea for her? Will he move to Auvrea? But the man just watched. 

After what seemed like a lifetime, he reached the Vegas woman. Close up, she actually looked a bit past her prime. He looked her straight in the eye and said calmly:

"I'm not the least bit interested in you, OK? I happen to love Auvrea, more than you could imagine. And I think you're just a cheap, confused waste of time and space who doesn't realise what continent she's on! Just leave us be," before stalking back down the aisle. The man in the glasses seemed to be smiling to himself. 

The End

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