Vegas, Personality Clashes and Men.

Vegas. How glowing it seemed, even when described negatively by the lady sitting next to me. She seemed to regret stuff that she did there; but maybe it was because I was, probably, "Too young to be thinking about Vegas", and she didn’t want to encourage me.

It irritates me when people treat me like a young ‘kid’. Yes, I may only be fifteen, but in some cultures women have children at 11, 12 and 13… I have the right to fall in love with whoever I want, at whatever age I want, and any way I want. I don’t need the world to tell me I’m wrong-I have my mother to do that. She doesn’t understand love from the eyes of a ‘child’ (if we’re going to use that word now- but in a way we are all God’s children)- free and unstructured love that can go anywhere. That’s probably why my impatient mother divorced my kind dad. He pressures me to follow his religion and to do well in school and pays me to do the washing up, but still he’s better than the woman who calls herself my mum.

The plain man and his lady near the front just ‘caused a commotion’. Sort of… Well, the hugging and snogging and giggling isn’t exactly what we want to see right this moment.  They seem happy. I mean really happy. What just happened? “What’s happening with those two?” I asked The Vegas Woman, but she wasn’t listening; she was glaring at the man. Now, here was the personality that I had seen when she first walked in: Outstandingly confident, charismatic, ‘shiny’…with just a little pinch of evil. People like that are good to speak with, good to get on one’s contact list, but bad to row with. The thing is: They Always Win. It’s a rule: They Always win!

The gorgeous other half of the man Vegas Woman was…well, I think she was glaring, but now they seem to be winking at each other. He doesn’t seem too happy though. Anyway the other half comes and starts ‘bullying’ Vegas Woman. It doesn’t seem fair, but I suppose Vegas Woman was being a little mean… Gorgeous Woman seems different from earlier, but I know time can change a person--know it too well. Maybe she took off her make-up or something…

 I think I should start to learn the names of some of my fellow passengers-especially since some just got off and some new ones got on. It’s like a new start.

“Hey-” I started as Vegas Woman got up and moved towards the man she had been teasing. Another person seemed to hate me, I thought sadly, when suddenly she returned to my side, looking slightly gutted from her unsuccessful trip. I took my chance to talk properly to someone about a subject that could interest us both.

“Romeos don’t live up to the mark anymore these days.”

The End

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