Leave me alone

Damn. I don't know who just got on the bus but he was fantastic. The way he walked and smiled. I had a feeling maybe he was a winner to. Someone who knew what the world was Really about.

He was really cute to. I would have to talk to him later but right now I was playing. I was playing with that little angel's man. She was finally falling asleep. Now was my time to move.

I slowly got up and seductivly walked in my fantastic feather outfit. I mean this thing looked practically real. That angelic one was just such my oposite but even she was looking at my outfit. Pulling that face because she was so obviously envious of my realistic pink feathers. I mean I bet she doesn't know a thing about feather outfits. I was smarter than her aswell.

I sat down on the seat behind him. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up, he tensed up and looked deliberatly in the oposit direction to me. Well I don't blame him he couldn't look at me without falling for me.

"Hey handsom" I ran my finger down his cheek. from behind slowly hooking under his chin and moving it so he was looking at me.  "Why don't you take a little walk on the devils side will your little angel is asleep."

He narrowed his eyes at me when I mentioned his little angelic girlfreind. He also looked kind of worried, maybe he really thought she was his angel, ha what a loser.  Aww he must be worried about her finding out. Maybe he really loves her. Tough, love is just an illusion and my job is to break those. Another reason why I hated magicians or harry potter fans. I mean magic does not exist.

"Please leave me alone. I'm quite happy on this side" He tried to turn his head away but I kept grip of his chin. Ha the idiot didn't want to be rude.

"Why just have the orange when you can have the apple to. She'll never know and think of the pleasure we could have. Take a bite of this blood red apple. Feel the juice running across your lips." He would NEVER be able to resist that. It worked on everyone.

He drew a sharp breath and his eyes widened. "Please leave me alone" He sharply turned his head.

Haha perfect. I leant over so my head we right next to his.

"Just let me know when your ready" I wispered. Seductivly walking back I noticed him shaking his head. It can't have been in distain. No men can resist that last line even if they do love their 'sweethearts'  they just can't argue with my reasoning. I have never come accross a love strong enough to yet. Maybe this was the day.

Hehe this should be entertaining for a challenge. I won't lose no matter what. I am a winner.

The End

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