The New Guy

The bus stopped before him and the door slid open, revealing dirty metallic steps up to the driver and aisle. Trudging up the steps with his head held high and hands stuffed in his baggy jean pockets, he looked completely relaxed, like he could be in control of any situation. Staring through his reflective sunglasses at the driver, he fished a few notes from his wallet, put them in the drivers hand, flashed her a dazzling smile and moved down the aisle. His unzipped leather jacket revealed a Metallica t-shirt beneath. He flung his bag onto the aisle seat of the right-hand side eleventh row and moved into the window seat.

He glared out the window, hating the variety of creatures on this bus already. As if humans weren't enough to cope with, there was a vampire, werewolf, seer, two human brats, one male and the other female with magical powers and an alien. There was also the residue presence of an angel, lingering around a beautiful woman in the arms of a guy who was average at best, and yet she seemed to be happy, bubbly and yet lost in thought. He took out his phone, looked at the latest message to flash up on the screen,

'Hey, Bas, babes. How're you? WHERE are you? You just disappeared... No sign, nothing! Jayne xxx'

Angrily, he stabbed out a reply. 'Jayne, you know my name is NOT Bas. It's Basilic. NEVER call me Bas, or I'll find you, some time or another. And I had to get away. I might be back some time. I might not. But, for now, I'm going away. Far away. Things happened that shouldn't have. They can't happen again. Don't contact me. Don't text, don't call, don't try and find me. Goodbye, Chelsea,' and when he'd sent that he put his phone in his pocket, staring out of the window again.  

"This should be an interesting ride," he muttered sourly.

The End

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