A whole life we don't know

The Van Helsing guy and Morgan have just left the bus with the tattoo guy. Helsing is running the way the bus has just come, I notice as I look out of the window, watching hi sprint towards the darkening horizon. Part of me hopes he will be okay, but the other part of me is kind of glad he has gone. Gabby says something to me and I snap my attention back to the inside of the bus.

‘Huh?’ I grunt, half interested.

‘I said I wonder where they’re all going.’ Gabby tells me. I shrug. ‘I mean, they all have their own lives that we never learnt about. I wonder what they’re like. Know what I mean?’ she asks looking up at me. I nod silently and stare thoughtfully at the back of the chair in front of me. There are lots of new people on the bus. A few have been here a couple of hours; some have only just got on. Fresh blood. New smells that I'm only noticing now. That girl with the writer kid has brown hair now, not blonde hair. Weird. I think I would have noticed if she had dyed it...

There’s some woman at the back of the bus, the one that was wearing stupid pink feathers. The writer kid and the girl next to him keep glaring at her. I turn around, vaguely interested, and see her flirting with the writer kid. She sees me watching and winks at me. I frown and glare at her. I'm sure I can sort out the writer kid’s problem if she keeps that up. I know just how irritable I can be when I'm hungry, after all. I smile evilly, but she doesn’t quite get the malicious front on the smile, thinking I'm returning her flirting. I'm not. She’s not especially pretty either. Average in every way. Except her stupid outfit, obviously.

I turn away and look back at gabby, wondering about her. I wonder how old she is. I never bothered to ask before. A whole life I don’t know much about. But it’s not like I know her very well, even. I don’t know her birthday, her favourite food, her favourite colour. Nothing, really, only why she’s on this bus. And even then only the basics of it. I sigh and look back at the chair in front of me.

The End

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