Victory or Death

Morgan races off the bus ahead of me, I follow a few paces behind, feeling a little light-headed. She gave me her number. I can't believe it. I know I'm probably thinking too much of it, but I can't help but feel euphoric. Now at least I have some method of reaching her once I'm away. Perhaps we could meet again, talk things over, perhaps get to know each other better. I saw the way she blushed when she looked at me. Against all rational thought, I can't help but rejoice. Maybe she loves me back! Maybe I really can love her! When I come back I can find her again and tell her how I really feel!

Then I remember the situation I'm in. It's not when I come back, it's if I come back.

A sudden jolt to my senses sends me whipping around. I must have been standing here a while, seeing as the bus has now moved off. I stand facing the darkness that encroaches from the eastern sky. It's getting closer. I run back along the road, back the way we came. The thing is racing towards me too, I can feel it. It feels wrong, running towards the danger instead of away from it. At least this'll be the last time I'll ever have to face such a creature. If I win, then I'll never have to run away again. If I lose... I'll never run anywhere.

Eventually, after dashing through a small stretch of woodland and scrambling up the side of a scree I reach a high plateau. It's nothing but bare gray rock up here, not a plant in sight. I can see some of the landscape spread out below me, like a map. My stomach twists as I see the bus moving off down the road, like a tiny ant on the never-ending stretch of road. After a long moment I look away, I have more important things to worry about now. I stand near the edge of the scree, the setting sun behind me. I snigger, I must look awesomely cool standing here, the sun blazing red behind me, black hair flying in the wind, to face my deadly enemy. If only it were so. I may look incredibly brave, but inside, I'm stiff with terror. The stakes are too high not to be scary.

I pull out my knife and whisper the words necessary for the spell to work. In seconds the small, silver knife has transformed into a massive white-bladed sabre, the sapphire in the hilt gleaming in the light of the dying sun.

It'll be here in moments now. I take a deep breath and prepare myself. This is it, all my life has been leading up to this moment.

It's victory, or death.

The End

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