A Rushed Goodbye

The bus trundles of the main roadway onto the side road that leads to a small town. It is a town I know. I love my town. Grandma actually lives on a farm that is seven miles away, by road. It’s only three miles, if you know the way through the fields and woods. The sun is beginning to set. I pull my hands in.

Remembering the promise I made to  myself I pull out a piece of paper. I take a deep breath and begin to scribble.

E-mail address first (note: only have dial up can’t check often)
Cell phone next (note: emergencies only, low minutes and no text)

I wrinkle my nose, it looks more like I’m trying to avoid Ash than actually give him my number. I flush, as I realize what I’m doing. I’m giving my number to a boy. Okay last number.

Home Phone (note:

I stop and ponder. There’s nothing I can say that will warn him about my Grandma that won’t turn into a paragraph. Well I can’t just scratch off the word so I complete it

best way to reach me)

Okay, done and just as the bus is pulling up to the one gas station in town.

“This it?” Dad turns to me as I stuff the pen back in my bag.

I nod. He stands just as the bus sighs to a stop. He seems to be saying bye to Ash. I’d forgotten Dad had sat with him before he went back to sit with me.

My heart is starting to beat rapidly as I gather my stuff. At last I stand and move into the aisle. I hesitate a moment, my note clutched tightly in my hand. Ash is looking at me.

“You leaving?”

“Yeah,” I can’t look at him. I just know I’m turning beet red with embarrassment. I hold the note out. “Just in case you want to talk.” He takes the note. I glance at him. He's looking at me. My cheeks heat up. I falsh a shy smile, then rush off the bus. I think there were other people saying goodbye but I could barely hear them over my pounding heart.

The End

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