Rules are meant to be broken

Auvrea smiled as Martin hugged her but a secret fire burned in her heart. She smiled a sweet smile at the vegas.. girl. Then sat back in her seat.

Okay, so she was a Pacifist, she didn't believe in violence never did. She had seen the Jack the ripper murders, she had seen a number of wars she didn't like what she saw. But, although she didn't like fighting, violence or blood-shed, she never really had anything to fight for before.

Auvrea sunk back into her seat, folding her legs underneath her, she looked out the window, the same butterfly with the red wings was looking in upon her. She smiled as it fluttered its wings as if in an insect hello. "I wonder how much love can take?" She whispered to herself absent-mindly. She pushed herdself back further into the chair, she could swear that she could feel Martin leaning on the other side... "How strange," Her thoughts began to drift again, to the furthest plains of distant skies, she lost herself thinking about Martin, although how much she tried the Vegas girl was still nagging away in the back of her head. The little annoying voice everyone wants to destroy. 

The End

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