Auvrea hugged him, gently poked his nose, and then turned to the Vegas girl, telling her to, basically, back off. He hadn't had anyone argue over him before, not that he would have minded at any other time. But... He had Auvrea now, Auvrea, his love, his one love. Then the girl winked at him, and he was disgusted. Physically disgusted, and his face showed it, he knew. He almost vomited. It wasn't the action itself, it was what it suggested. Leaving her. Leaving his love. He'd never do it. Never. He hugged Auvrea, tightly, before excusing himself to the toilet again. When he was agitated, his bladder made itself known. He did what he needed to, and then leant against the wall, exhausted and confused, his head spinning.

The End

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