And through her I will go

Now she had made me a personal challenge.

She said I couldn't do it. I couldn't wait to prove her wrong as that "Martin" she calls him can't breath for my lips being in the way.

Haha she was pretty aswell. There were far too many people not paying attention to me. They must be compleate freaks.

Now I needed to work out how to get him. Besides being that pretty she can't be to bright. I mean how un-threatening was that.

Haha next time she left her seat or even fell asleep I would get on the seat  behind him and work my way. There was a reason they called me Aphrodite. I am a love godess when it come to men. Probably cause I'm fantastic in pretty much every way.

I looked straight past her and winked at her man. He looked disgusted. He must have just been putting that on  for her benift. He would be pulling a compleatly different face if I could get him alone. Then I would break him dreams to, double whammy.

Nobody would even escape me.

Ohh what about that cute escort at the front I could have some fun with him too. I would rule this bus like it or not.

Besides I'm better than all of them I should

The End

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