The thing's getting closer, I can feel it. It's moving fast, but I think I have some time. Time to get far away enough so as to insure no-one is hurt anyway. I'll have to move soon, very soon if I want to get away, but I can't do anything crazy like jump out of the window. Not that that would be too wierd after some of the mad stuff I've done on this bus. But still, I think I need to be stealthy about it. I don't want to have anyone trying to stop me leaving. That is, if anyone tries at all. I doubt anyone on this bus would care if I left, Alex least of all. I bet he'll be whooping for joy when I'm gone.

I should move now, time's running out, but still I sit in my seat, still looking around at the occupants of the bus. A new girl got on at the last stop, there's something odd about her but I don't want to have to look into it. I dont' want to have to kill her if she turns out to be something that needs my "attention", as my father used to call it. How I hate that wretched man. I think I liked him better when he was kicking the life out of me, rather than trying to find me. Him and all the rest of those soul-sucking, murdering, sadistic beasts I call a family. They've sent something to get me, I don't know what, but I think it'll be something nasty. Well they won't get what they want. I'll never follow their ways.

I'd sooner die.

The End

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