Bad Dreams

Auvrea awoke in the arms of Martin of course. She kissed him briefly before getting up. It seemed she still had some of her powers, as she had felt Martin's dreams. She smiled at him, touching his nose gently. "I hope thats better" She whispered with a glow on her face. She wasn't a healer, but she could make some of the pain go away.

Auvrea moved over to the Vegas girl. "I know alot of things." She began. "But, I don't care who you are, where you came from or what drugs you were taking. Just please, if you want Martin you will have to go through me." She looked at her, anger blazing in her eyes. Even though she wasn't an angel anymore she was still as terrifying as a bunny rabbit. Auvrea stood, in the aisle of the bus glaring at the woman. Her feathers are so fake, I mean which 3 year old kid glued that thing together? She thought, a smile springing to her lips.

The End

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