Auvrea was asleep, at last. Martin didn't want to sleep. He was afraid she'd be in his dream again. He hated it. But he'd been thinking... Alex... Gabby... Lilleth... Some of their deepest, darkest secrets lay in a notebook, insensitively written down by him. He knew Auvrea had done him some good. He knew what he had to do. It was just doing it... It would require a  huge amount of debasement to make amends for it. Although, now he thought about it, his nose still ached and throbbed. Bloody vampire.

Detaching his arms from Auvrea, he dug around in his bag, searching for the stray notebook and a pen. Eventually, after finding things he'd thought he'd lost (such as his portable laptop charger, You idiot, Martin. You complete and utter imbecile.)

Tearing out a page from the back, he wrote a note each to the three of them.

Alex, Lillith and Gabby, 

I know it was insensitive of me to write everything down. You already have one of my notebooks, and for all I care you can keep it. :) I'm in a better place now, I don't need to leech off the misfortune of others. I also enclose the second notebook. Well, I say I enclose. This is enclosed within it, really... Lol. 

And with that, he placed it inside the cover and closed it, writing on the front cover, whilst a slight look of shock and horror crossed his face, Note inside front cover. Standing up, he edged past Auvrea, careful not to wake her, and walking past the seats they were sitting on, tossing the notebook gently onto Alex's lap, who started with surprise, and then he continued to the back of the bus, towards the girl at the back, who sighed in exasperation as he approached. Martin could tell she didn't want anyone to sit next to her. He'd have felt the same way about anyone other than his angel. It didn't matter she didn't have the wings, she was still an angel to him. 

"Just to warn you, so far, this bus has been wracked by weird events. Expect them, and you'll do well." And with a slight wink, he walked back to his heat, to Auvrea. His heart lighted with love again as he sat down next to her, and held her again, lost in thought already. 

The End

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