Fine Then.

It takes me a while to realize that none of my words are getting through to Alex. He's sobbing quietly and I go into a child-like huff.

'Fine then, if you won't change me, I'll find another vampire.' I say with my chin jutting out in defiance.

I think about moving seats completely, but then decide against it - I feel too protective of Alex, and I don't want anyone else sitting next to him. The logic doesn't really make sense to me, but I can't help but think that anyone who doesn't know his secret or understand him would treat him badly.

I turn around in my seat so that I'm facing away from him, and behind me I see a drop-dead gorgeous woman dressed in a Vegas Switzerland? Obviously, she wasn't as beautiful as the ex-angel in front of me,

I noticed her eyeing up all the guys on the bus with a smug sort of smile on her face, and when her gaze fell on Alex crying, she started to get up, as if to comfort him.

Then, of course, she noticed me and fell back into her seat, dejected, giving me the blackest look I have recieved in, oh, at least a week.

The adrenaline from my little argument with Alex started to wear off and, as usual, I began to feel guilty instead. I shouldn't have spoken to him like that - he must really hate what he's become and I haven't helped that.

I turned back to him, placing my hand on his shoulder. He didn't shake it off like I expected him to, so I turned him gently to face me.

Before speaking, I looked at him. His eyes were downcast, as if he were ashamed of the tears that were pouring out of them, I hadn't noticed before, but when he wasn't hungry, the iris's were a  genuine blue. He was very thin and pale - though I'd seen that before - and the blue veins showed on the back of the hands that were twining and un-twining together over and over again.

I waited until he looked me in the eye before saying, 'I know what I want,' He opened his mouth to speak, but I rushed on, cutting him off, 'but I can see that you don't want it. I won't ask to be a vampire again.

'I'm telling you now that I still want to become like you, and maybe, one day, something will happen to me that makes it necessary,' I smiled wryly, 'but until then...' I trailed off, embarrassed at my little speach, looking down at my own hands.

His hand found my chin and pulled it up so that I had no choice but to look at him. His hand was surprisingly warm.

'Until then.' He repeated, and released me, turning to look out the window.

The End

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