I Know What I Want.

'How come you keep going to the bathroom? I thought vampires didn't need to...y'know.'

He sighed for the millionth time. I knew I was annoying him, but I'm curious be nature.

'Why don't you just say you want to be a vampire?' Alex turned to me abruptly. He spoke too loudly and, though I don't think anyone actually heard what he said, a few heads turned at the sound of the anger in his voice.

I recoiled and when he saw the shock in my  face, his expression turned to one of sadness and he sighed once again.

'You don't want this.' He said so quietly I could hardly hear. And then he turned away from me, leaving so many questions unanswered.

But he was wrong. I did want to be a vampire - he just wished I didn't.

Earlier, I had noticed the beautiful angel unfurl her wings. I wondered just how many people could see the glowing feathers, but considering there was only about four gasps in the whole bus, including me and Alex,  guessed not very many.

I had been thinking of ways to ask Alex for what I wanted. I didn't do very well. To be honest I didn't even know why I wanted to be a vampire, I just knew that I did, with all my heart.

It wasn't because of the immortality, or the...well, to be honest there wasn't much else appealing about it. I suppose that it's because I wanted a legitimate reason to be different. I decided against using this to try and persuade my friend.

''Alex,' I whispered, 'I know what I want.'

The End

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