Sibling Warfare

Taylor turned Jayden into a rabbit, and almost wet himself by laughing so hard. Jayden was not amused. Within five minutes she had turned herself back into a girl again.  Jayden leaned over and gave Taylor a solid whack that made his ears ring.

Taylor all but vibrated with fury. His face flushed, and he balled up his fists, ready to use them. Jayden muttered something under her breath, and Taylor froze in his spot.

"Listen you idiot. There's a vampire and a werewolf  on this bus. I could feel their attention focused on me when I was a rabbit. To them, I was fresh meat. Unless you want your only sister killed and blood drained before your eyes, I suggest you never do that again!"

Jayden withdrew the immobility spell, and Taylor returned to normal. He relaxed his fists and let them rest on the seat.

"I didn't mean to turn you into a real rabbit! I thought your lucky rabbit's foot key chain was fake. I thought you would turn into a fluffy fuzzy stuffed bunny, not a real rabbit!

"Daddy gave us these key chains stupid. A fake rabbit foot wouldn't be lucky. they have to be real."

"Wasn't lucky for the rabbit."  Taylor grinned.

"Haha. That joke is older than you are, brainiac." She remarked sarcastically.

Jayden ventured a sidelong glance at Alex and Lillith. They both looked extremely dejected. A sudden idea struck her that brightened her mood immediately. She put her hand out palm up.

"Give me your key chain."


Give it to me, and I'll turn you into a rabbit, and let those two eat you!"

Taylor was not impressed by the empty threat.

"As if.. you wouldn't do that. Why do you want my key chain?"

She waggled her fingers impatiently.

"Just give it to me, I'll explain later."

He handed it to her reluctantly. She took their house key off of it and handed it back to her brother. She did the same thing with her lucky rabbit's foot key chain. She stood up and shuffled toward the aisle, thereby forcing Taylor to put his feet up on the seat to let her pass by him.

"Hey! what are you doing?"

"Never mind. I'll tell you later"

The End

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