I can still do it.

It sounds like he just proposed or something but i dont see a ring or anything. I have right to listen. If they didn't want people to know they shouldn't be talking loud enough to hear should they.

I bet I could still get him if I got the opertunity. I like to cause a bit of havock. It had amused me when I was in Vegas exposing one of my co-show girls as sleeping with the married casino owner. She got slung out and became a lowly street hooker. She obviously wasn't strong enough to bounce back. Its kill or be killed. I didn't have to do it she was no threat to me but she should have covered her tracks better. When I had an affair with him I had an alibi for every moment of the day and night. I hadn't trusted Claude through my choice. I needed him to boost my own carrear. He was ruthless like me. I would bounce back. I will have to step on a few more heads to do it.

I was eyeing up every male on this bus. Every male who to a normal girl looked unatainable. I however am an amazing temptress and nobody in their right mind could resist ME. I will get someone to prove it. I would so like to shatter the ilusions of that happy couple though. They should realise life sucks. They should feel the pain life really is. Everything else is just societys illusion. If you step out of that its so easy to win.

My psyciatrist said I had been forced like this by my father. She was wrong I am smart nobody else realises it. "You have to be ruthless. Show them all who will win, show them YOU are the one. Your a winner, and you can have anything you want if your not to worthless to break the losers to achive it." The words of my father drumed around my head. After mother died he got involved in a local mafia type organisation. I know he killed so many people. He drummed those words around my mind the night I woke up to a car boot slaming outside. I wandered sleepily downstairs. Clutching my teddy.

"Daddy?" He was dragging something. I knew what it was, a body. We hid it in the back yard under paving stones. Thats the night he told me that. The reason I am so much smarter. Why I know the real way the world works. I laugh cruely. Idiots, I would get higher than them all.

The End

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