ME ME ME !!!

This girl started to talk to me about Vegas. Obviously I told her all the wonderful stories of glamour and extravogence. But I also told her that underneath it if you arn't loaded or work there it so easy to fall hard and fast. I don't think it shattered her illusions though. Good. I needed suckers like that to come to my shows.

I didnt tell her about the drugs. Besides would she talk to me if she knew I was on them? After Claude had started selling me, I was distraught. I tried them to take my mind off it and I'm ashamed. I'm a good upstanding girl, I won't lower and debase myself. It was so easy to get hooked though. Another reason I'm leaving Vegas far behind. I would sort myself out and go back one day maybe. For now I would go where ever this bus did untill I arrived somewhere with a good show scene.

I was weaning myself off the drugs. I have a strong will power, either that or I'm nuts. I used to be a physics proffesor. To me this seems like a perfectly normal bus. Theres a really pale guy. He must be from england or something. I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I dont know what by though. I shook it off maybe it was someone else on the bus. I am georgeous after all. I dont like that I'm not the prettiest girl on the bus but that one making out with some guy across from me must have had so much surgery. I was naturally stunning. I would prove anyone who said otherwize they were wrong. I bet I could get any of the guys on this bus I wanted. Hmm what about that guy making out with the angelic one. That would show her!

I had gotten Miss Rigs fiered. That was fun. Well she did try and start seeing that cute chemistry teacher. I wanted him so I got her fiered. He then went with me. I can get any man I want proven and I will do it too. Claude had wanted me. I knew it, every man did.

The End

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