Knowing the Truth

Martin felt a warm rush of air, and opened his eyes a crack. Auvrea had folded her wings around them, surrounding them. They were isolated, despite being in the middle of a bus. Martin closed his eyes, sinking back into it. Auvrea's hair seemed to be brighter than before, radiating happiness in the cocoon of feathers. He felt too light, lighter than he had known it possible to feel. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to be with her. Forever. But... Does she want it, Martin? Is it what she really wants? He sighed internally, and tried to get back into the kiss, but he couldn't do it. He needed to know if she really did want it. He had to know the truth. He had to. He broke contact with her lips, and instantly felt a strong yearning to renew it. He managed to stop himself. She looked at him, hurt in her eyes. Sighing again, he resigned himself to whatever fate this question would bring.

"Is this what you really, really, want, Auvrea?" He was sure there was a pleading look in his eyes...

The End

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