Hunger pangs and rabbits

Yeah, yeah that’s it; you just show off your awesome wings and block me at the same time. I narrow my eyes, but do nothing more, simply sitting there and seething silently. The Van Helsing guy looks at me suspiciously as I look back from Gabby, and I twitch.

Nature unfortunately decides to call about a minute later, so I get up, excusing myself quietly. I make my way to the bathroom thing again, and uh, relieve myself. Washing my hands, I catch sight of my reflection. After spending so long on the bus, I’m looking somewhat dishevelled. And worst of all, my eyes are slowly but surely changing colour again. Damn red eyes. I'm going to have to wear those contacts again. I swear loudly and come out of the bathroom in a worse mood than I went in. I push past Helsing and sit in my seat in a strop, much like a little kid that’s been denied sugar.

‘What’s up with you?’ Gabby asks a few moments after I sit down.

‘I need a shower, and something to eat. I think I’ve drunk all of Lillith’s juice...’ I mutter, ‘Sorry, by the way, Lillith.’ I add, not knowing if she was listening or not. Just then, the wizard kid in front of us manages to turn his sister into a rabbit. He yelps and starts laughing so hard he looks like he’s going to pee himself.

The End

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