A bad day in the unlife of Alex

Oh whaaaaaaaaaat? Writer kid and the fit girl are making out IN FRONT OF ME! Ugh. Life sucks. Undead life certainly has something left to be desired. The only kind of life I'm not sure about is the afterlife. Surely it can’t be as bad as the last two lives I’ve had? Well... if there is such thing as hell, then it could be, but I “live” in hope. If God loves and forgives everyone, why is there even a hell?

I shrug and do my best to avoid a religious debate with myself and look over at Gabby. Her head is resting against the window and her expression is not one of happiness. Which, considering how close she has come to dying on this bus, on more than one occasion, is a surprise, really. Lillith is sitting in quiet embarrassment behind us. I’ve tried to talk to her, but she’s snapped at me. PMS maybe? Whatever. Girls are so confusing. All they do is b*tch and whine. You may have noticed that I could be in a better mood. No particular reason, I suppose, just generally having a bit of an “I hate my life” day. I'm hungry again, already. Stress does this to me. It happened when I was a human, it happens now. Stress becomes hunger. Which is not good if you have a vampire hunter – and one of the best – on your trail.

 Also, Switzerland is cold.

Me no like.

The End

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