Lifted, or Fallen?

Auvrea leaned towards him. Planting a light kiss on his lips. Her wings opened, she knew that if she had a relationship with a human, he would be able to see everything. It was sort of like a defence against lying. She would also find out wether the love was true, or just her beauty.

She pulled away from him, her wings folded neatly back onto her back. She held her head down in shame. Fearing what he would say. An angels wings were an angels heart, something a human was not meant to see. 

Last time Auvrea was in love, her very first kiss...
A tear came to her eye,under her veil of blond hair covering her face.
He saw her wings...
Another tear fell to the floor.
He commited suicide.
The tears would not stop, but she made no sound. Silent tears streamed down her face. She wiped them away but the sorrowful memories remained. She looked up, not moving her head. Seeing fragments of Martin's face, she did not want the same thing happening twice. Not at all.

The End

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