Sick of Me already?

It didn't take long for the red-and-black haired girl to get sick of me. All she said was that her name was Olivia, and she was even rude about that. I guess I she took one look at me, and scampered off...A boy somehow set the row in front on fire; he only looks about 11, or 12, but he should still listen to words about Fire Safety! Why does he even have a pack of matches on his person? So anyway 'Livia had gone and somehow put out the fire, then she had threatened (or something) the boy. I suppose that shows him for playing with fire.

I move towards the girl with the Vegas costume. She's settled for the back where there's now loads of space. As I move back I feel the bus swirve, but ignore the voice in my head mimicing the RE teacher's warnings. As I approach the girl I notice she has a kind of, well, shimmery presence to herself. Not like the girl in front of the seat that caught fire, though. She was sitting with a pretty plain man, but they looked kind of intimate. I spose she's one of those who can win men with just one look. I take the seat next to the Vegas women; I can see that her costume gives her the shimmery effect too but it also seems to be radiating from her person. "Vegas, hey? What's that like?" I asked as I lower myself onto the rough seat next to her.


From a series of reflections-the windows, the Swiss snow, and mirrors in the bus, I see Meg Greene get up. Always the least obedient of students, as soon as Mrs. Raisan got up and repeted the safety rules, I knew that young lady would not listen to them. I really should go and talk to her, to tell her off, but it's too embarrasing. All I'd do would be stumble through the words, blush and end up just staring at her...It's really hard not stare when we're in the corridors, but one-on-one speech I really struggle with.

Why, oh why, of all women, do I find her attractive? There's a lady behind me, almost like an Angel-on-Earth, if that were possible. She's pretty but she doesn't attract me at all. It's weird-I'm not like normal men, and I thought I could never be with anyone who would like me as Iam.  Meg was different too-special and destined for greater things; I could see it in the flames of determination in her eyes. I knew she was The One.

Love has no boundaries.

The End

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