The Secret

I look back over my life in my mind as I make my way towards the Port, in the form of a slim athletic teenage girl. As always, some of it disgusts me.


I'm a child again, thirteen years old. I'm think about life and I realise that I can get out of here. I don't have to stay here for ever.

I open the front door quietly, closing it ever so carefully behind me, and slip out into the snow-covered street. It's dark still, because the suns have not yet risen. I can hardly see where I am going.

I slip into the house just a few doors away. The house where my Mother lives, since she took herself out of my life to make things easier. Maybe it did, but not in the way she thinks.

And that was when I did it. I opened her front door and made my room to the back bedroom where she slept. She looked so fragile, but I did not let myself be overcome. The knife glinted white in my slim hand.

Then it was over.

I was free. No longer would I have to endure her snide comments, no longer would she hold me back. I thought it was the end but that was only the start.


I'm fifteen and I'm crying by the side of my father's grave. He is dead - dead, and now I am alone. I've lost him, too, now, and had I not killed my mother I would not be alone. I thought I'd never have second thoughts, but I am having them now ...

Since her death I've been devoting myself to saving lives, not taking them. I have to cover up for the fact that I killed her. They didn't think I'd really do it - they thought I'd betray them. They sent me away when I did.


"No!" I wrench myself back to the present, and then there it is. The Port. Gratefully, I shift back to my preferred form, the one I wore when on the bus, and go into the light and warmth of the terminal. A shuttle has just arrived - I'll be home soon.

And then I see the arrivals.

"Well, if it isn't little Mai," they say. It is Them.






***sorry, I know this isn't really the bus but I thought you might like to know what happened to Mai, and what her secret was! I'm going to start her with her own story now. Come join in! I need someone to play Them (the people who made her kill her mother) and I need someone to play the Commander, too .... ***

The End

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