Olivia Not Alone

I was still crying, still missing Mai when a young girl slid into the seat beside me.

"Hey, are you okay?"

I looked at her in surprise. She was part of the school group, I had seen her before when my ever watchful eye scanned the bus for ill or injured people. I had no idea why a school kid would have any interest in any perfect stranger, let alone one that was bawling her eyes out.

I would really rather be alone with my sorrow, but I didn't want to be rude to her. She seemed to be genuinely concerned. Maybe I could  pretend to get off at the next stop and get off. Then I could turn back into a spider, or butterfly or something, and get back on the bus. I could always turn back into a human if someone got sick or hurt.

I was still deciding what to do when I heard a small scream, and I smelled something burning. I looked back, and the young wizard had set fire to the seat in front of him. I stood up, and started to edge out of the seat.

"Excuse me miss. It looks like we have a fire back there. I better go and see if anyone is hurt."

The girl gave me a puzzled look, but she moved out of the seat so that I could get out. I all but ran back to row five where the young wizard and his sister were sitting.

When I got there, the boy had tried to put it out with his bottle of water, and his sister had tried to beat it out with a back pack. The author and the angel had stood up and gotten out of their burning seat when the fire started.

When I reached row five, I spoke to the boy in a very authoritative voice.

"Give me your water bottle, young one."

"It's empty."

"I know, just give it to me."

I stared at the scared and distraught boy and willed him to give me the bottle. He handed it to me, and I turned my back to the people who were staring at the fire from the other seats. I willed the bottle to fill with water, which it did.

I poured the water on the fire and it  smoldered for a moment, then went out. Then the seat back returned to its' original condition.

" Magic illusion that got out of hand."

I said loudly to no one in particular, by way of explanation. People turned around and stopped staring.

I took the boy by the shoulder and whispered into his ear.

"If you ever do that again I'll send you to a planet with only ice and monsters on it.!" I all but  growled at him.

"It was an accident. I was just trying to conjure up a pair of mittens, my hands are cold. I just wanted to get them warm. There was something wrong with my incantation I think."

"You think? Marvellous powers of observation you have there, Einstein." I said angrily.

The boy's sister leaned over to speak to me.

"How did you get the fire out? We tried everything, and nothing worked."

"Magic fire requires magic water. I put an extinguishing spell on the water I filled the bottle with."

I backed away from the seat, and as an afterthought I leaned toward the boy again.

"The next time you want to warm your hands, learn to knit!"

I walked back to my seat smiling. I had needed a good crisis to lighten my mood.

The End

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