Breaking Tradition

Not many people call my phone. I was afraid it would be Grandma. I’m not sure I want to face her wrath yet. It was Gloria. Her baby is gorgeous. Not all kids are born that way. Some really do look like ‘aliens’. I grin and show my dad. He nods, obviously thinking about something else.

I sigh. The spider girl, Olivia, I think, was just joined by someone else. I look around the bus. I have no idea who else might care. I look over at the guy across the aisle. What did he say his name was, Ash, Ash Van something; oh yeah Van Helsling. Somehow talking to Gloria has given me courage. Maybe I should be talking to my Dad right now, since I’ll be leaving soon, but…

Breathe I tell myself, taking a deep breath. I lean over toward him. He’s absently nibbling on the bar I gave him. ‘Hi, I mean, I know I’m leaving the bus soon and stuff, but um…’ I feel my cheeks heat up.

‘So um, you’re a Van Helsling.’ He nods. ‘Famous vampire hunting family, right?’ He nods again. ‘um…’ I look back and remember the fight he’d had way earlier with the vampire. And then he’d stood up to the guy that had been trying to kill the same vampire. ‘Oh.’

I lean back and think. I lean towards him again. ‘All the Van Helslings couldn’t have been hunters could they have? I mean, it’s dangerous work right? And your always on the move, and that wouldn’t give much time for a family or anything and obviously some of them had time for that sort of thing. I mean, um, see you’re here and…’ I let my voice trail off.

Breathe. I tell myself. I sigh instead. ‘I come from a family with a long line of nurses. My mom was the first one to break tradition and become a Midwife. Now Grandma wants me to become a nurse but so far I’m failing in that. I guess family traditions can’t always be continued.’ I say it more to myself than anyone else but I hope Ash and my Dad hear it.

The End

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