Finding Something More To Do

We're in Switzerland. Does that mean it's time to get off? I don't know, and I'm so confused. I can't stop thinking about Aidan and Stuart, even though I know I shouldn't; what would people say if they could here what I was thinking at the moment? I would be expelled from life, for being so wrong-thoughted...

A lady stood up earlier. (After the old RE lady I mean. All she talked about was that we were going to be there soon-if-all-goes-well but not right at the moment.) No, this new lady announced that she was leaving the bus...So? Frankly it doesn't bother me, but other people were gasping and shaking their heads. They are calling her "The Weeper", which was strange. But then I swear she just changed as soon as she got of the bus. I mean, literally changed form...It must be my wild imagination, right? Nobody does that in real life, do they?

I'm bored of being on my own. A few rows down there's a young lady with black and red hair. She looks interesting! At the moment she crying her eyes out like she's just lost a best friend. I remember earlier, when I was drifting in and out of sleep, I saw the lady who just left and this girl leaning over somebody in the aisle.

I get up and cautiously procede to where she is sitting. Despite my intial coldness to people I don't know, I really have a heart of Gold...Really! I do! I can't bear to see people upset, so I sit down and fire my question at her as a new women walks on the bus. Wow, is that a Vegas outfit? I've always wanted to go there; maybe I can talk to this new women after I've finished with 'Ms Upset'...

"Hey, are you okay?"

The End

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