Olivia Alone

Olivia hugged Mai and sadly watched her go down the steps, and away from the bus.

She sat back down in her seat and wept miserably. these weren't healing tears like Mai's, not now. Emotional wounds weren't as easy to heal as physical ones. She missed Mai terribly already, and she had just left.

She wanted to go back home with Mai, but she couldn't. She was the only healer on the bus. There was still Morgan, but she was talking about leaving now too. When she had finally cried herself out, she took a look around the bus to see who was left.

Morgan and Mike were still there, for the time being. Ash Van Helsinger and Amber and her parents were still there. Martin, Auvria, Jayden and Taylor were still there too.

She would have to say something to that young wizard Taylor, soon. He'd been practising magic spells under his breath, and one of them came mighty close to tipping over the bus! He didn't have any idea how strong his powers were yet.

Liberty, Gabby, Alex, Lillith  and that school kid, Meggie Greene were still on the bus. Jennifer the flirt was fast asleep in the very back. A brand new passenger had just got on the bus. She was a young woman wearing some kind of skimpy feathery costume. I had to keep an eye on her. I could sense she was up to something, but I couldn't figure out what.


The End

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