Auvrea smiled once again, she liked to smile it made her feel happy. But, she was worried about the question, what did she do? She couldn't lie. She wasn't meant to. But she couldn't tell the truth either. "I work for charity." Well, that wasn't strictly a lie. It was infact close enough to the truth.

She shied away from him. But only for a moment, she had never felt like this before. She was drawn to him, his looks, his voice. It was all so alluring. She looked into his eyes, It was after all true that they were windows to the soul. She saw so many things, but also they show what happened recently, what people were thinking. But for some reason she saw nothing, for the first time ever. It was like he was far to complicated, such a deep thinker.

Auvrea, looked at him. His eyes leading her in like a Siren. She smiled, What else could she do? She was enchanted.

The End

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