"Well, your father wasn't the only Lord of the Rings fan. I read it in school... I was around 10 or 11... And once I'd read that, it was the only thing I ever wanted to do. Tolkein has got to be the best author I've ever read. Never since has a book spoken to me like that trilogy. And the reason... You know why he wrote it? He wrote it in rememberance of his friends that died in the war. That is just... The best reason I could ever think of for writing a book..." Martin then looked self conscious, as he realised that he'd started rambling. He shifted his weight so he was more comfortable, and the tried (unsuccessfully) to flatten his dark blonde hair.

"Well... That's about it really... What do you do, Auvrea?" Martin smiled to himself. He liked the way her name felt upon his tongue.

The End

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