What is in a name?

She sat up, looking towards him. "Oh I am so sorry, My name is Auvrea." She smiled. "A wierd name I know, Its elven, my dad was a big Lord of the rings fan." She sighed mockingly. "My full name is Auvrea Mitore." She shook her head again. What she missed out was, "My name is Auvrea Mitore, I died quite a few years back and came back as a divine pawn in a global game of chess controlled by God and the Devil." But that wasn't important right?

She looked at him. "So how did you get into writing?" She smiled at him, desperatly trying to change the subject incase she let something slip. Her wings stretched, spanning the length of both chairs, and the space of the aisle. But of course, nobody else knew that. Other that the Seer, The werewolf, vampire and magic people.  

The End

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