Martin was staring out at the European lanscape passing by. Mai had said something about being in Switzerland in about an hour. Auvrea's head was still resting on his shoulder, and he'd put his shoulder around her. He was truly comfortable. More than he had been for the entire bus trip. She still sniffed occasionally, and sometimes her eyes welled up, but when this happened, he just whispered to her that everything would be OK, and that they'd all come through it. 

Eventually, they reached Mai's stop. She got off the bus, and even though he hadn't known much about her, he was sad to see her go. She'd kept so many of them alive... Healed so many of them. The bus started again, jolting forwards to its destination. Then it hit him. He still hadn't asked the woman beside him her name. 

"Hey. I never asked... I still don't know your name..."

The End

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