Baby Pictures

Ash Van Helsing stood in the aisle trying to decide what to do net. Morgan sat across the aisle near the window, her dad was near the aisle. Morgan thought Ash had been really brave for standing up to that vampire hunter. It was awful that the hunter had shot that girl by mistake. It was a good thing the aliens and the FBI guy could help.

Morgan looked at Ash standing in the aisle, and felt badly for him. He looked so confused.. and alone. She knew how that felt. She was all alone before she met Gloria, and her dad. Just meeting them had given her courage.. and even a little bit of confidence. Her stomach grumbled, and she dug into her pack for an energy bar. A sudden thought occurred to her, and she stood up quickly before she could change her mind. She leaned over her dad a little and offered stretched her hand out, with an energy bar in it.

"S..sir? Would you like an energy bar? It's really good, I made it myself. I find I can think better if I have something to chew on.. these bars are really.. uh.. chewy.."

Morgan's voice petered out and she felt truly stupid! She blushed furiously and began to withdraw her hand. Ash reached forward and took the bar and smiled at her.

"Thanks! I could use something to eat right now."

He looked at her, really looked at her for the first time.he was beautiful! She usually had her head down, and he hadn't really noticed what she looked like. He knew she was the one who tried to help the guy who fell in the aisle, and the pregnant girl, so he knew a little bit about her.

They stood there, looking at each other, neither one wanting to be the one to make the first move. Just then,  cell phone rang.. loudly. The ring tone was 'The William Tell Overture.' Most people knew the tune as the theme song for The Lone Ranger.

Morgan recognized it, because she had put that ring tone into her phone.. but it was coming out of Mike's pocket!  Mike jumped. He had been half dozing.


Morgan turned around and tapped Mike on his shoulder.

"You've got my phone, dad. You forgot to give it back after you called 911, remember?"

"Oh yeah, sorry. Here you go."

The phone got even louder as Mike took it out of his pocket and handed it to Morgan.

"I.. I have to take this, okay? "

Morgan said to Ash, who was still standing in the aisle. She was relieved to have an excuse to sit down. She sat down as she answered the phone.


She said, hesitantly. She wondered if it was her grandmother.

"Morgan, hi. It's me, Gloria. The baby has been born, I'm emailing pictures to your phone!"

The pictures came up almost immediately, and Morgan squealed in excitement.

"Oh my gosh she's gorgeous! She's so sweet! Is she okay.. healthy, I mean? A lot was going on, on the bus.."

"She's just fine. Seven pounds, nine ounces. She is so good! She mostly just sleeps and eats right now, but she is perfect in every way. Are you still with your dad?"

"Yeah, he's right here. Do you want to speak to him?"

"Nah, just tell him that Fancy Anne is with us. She just kind of hovers near us.  Nobody can see her but me and Aunt Sarah. We can see her aura. It's kind of nice to have her around. It turns out she's good company, now that she isn't obsessing about your dad."

"I'll tell him. I'm getting off the bus pretty soon. My grandmother's stop is coming up. I've decided I'm going back to her. She's been so good to me, even when I wasn't very easy to be around because of my shyness, and my sorrow over mom's death.  I'm going to ask dad if he would like to come too. We'll see how that turns out. Oh yeah, I want to tell you something. I just met the guy across the aisle. I offered him an energy bar!"

"Really?  Good for you!  You're coming out of your shell. I'm sooo proud of you!  Is he cute?"


"Morgan, I've got something to ask you. I told Aunt Sarah all about you. I officially named the baby Sarah Morgan, by the way. Aunt Sarah has a really huge house, and she said that you and your grandma can come visit any time you want. You could bring your dad too, if he wants."

"That would be so great! I would love to do that. I'll ask grandma."

"Oh, I have to go. The baby is crying. I think she's hungry. I'm starting to understand her cries. Of course I can see her aura, so that helps me to interpret them. You have my number and email. Keep in touch. I truly mean that. You're a good friend. Bye for now."

Morgan hung up, and sat there staring at the phone. For the first time in a very long time she didn't feel shy or lonely.

The End

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