I won't leave you

I could see Morgan was getting tense. If she wanted to get off the bus I would go with her. She needs someone there to encourage her. Besides shes Fariae I'm pretty sure she will have no idea just what we can do.

You really think I could have pulled off all the tricks I did without this light frame and a little but of something better than skills.

Serena had never know I was Fariae. So Morgan couldn't have known unless her grandmother had told her. I had really liked Serena's mother. She had some kind of other sence. She knew I was different when she first saw me. I hoped she was still alive, I would love to see her again.


The large bus stopped for me. I thanked the driver and payed her what I could. My feathers brushed along side alot of people as they stared up at me. I alpologised. This wasn't a good start.

I had worked in Las Vegas for years now I needed to move on. Claude would be looking for me. I was an upperclass girl. I had worked with Siegfried and Roy. I had worked alongside the best! Claude gave me a contract for a show a night in the famous Royal hotel. It was a deal I couldn't refuse. A few months ago Claude had started selling me off to the highest bidder. It was awful, all the fat cats would sit there sneering. The first time Claude sat me in a room and all of a sudden this guy is on top of me. Claude counted his money and told me just to go with it. So I did I thought maybe it was a one time thing. I thought I would actually get some cut of the money.

I wouldn't stand for that. I knew people in Chicago. I could do shows there just the same. I was suprised my pink feather outfit didnt atract too much attention. Ugh I must have just stepped in gum. Ok thats blood. Eww This wasn't exactly my idea of luxury but It would do.


The End

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