Braving the Gap

My mind reels with all that has gone on in this bus; or more importantly on this bus trip. This is our second bus after all. No wonder my nightmare had returned. I can feel myself beginning to shake. I pull out of one my bars and slowly eat it. I feel a little better.

I have to get off this bus. It was bad enough having learned I was part faerie and finding the father my mother never wanted me to know about. Well not bad, just shocking.

I wonder if Dad will get off with me. I know I have to go home. I can’t just leave Grandma. She was there for us when Mom finally divorced George. She was there for me when Mom was killed. I do love her even if she is a bit overbearing.

Pulling myself out of my own thoughts I look over at the guy across the aisle. He was really brave standing up to that guy with the cross bow. He looks really pale. I shyly offer him one of my bars.

The End

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