I'll come for you...

            I had several conversations with Jase between his patrols, and he told me about the accidents that happened on the old bus. I looked behind me, everything seemed fine. A new guy came into the bus and showed me a picture and asked me about the guy. Later he had a high toned conversation with Jase and some other guy. As Jase returned to his seat I asked him; "Who is he? Everything is fine?"

"He calls himself a vampire hunter, as if they exist."


            The new dude was boarding of the bus on the next stop, but then he took of some silver arrow and shot it back just after he pushed Jase into his seat. I kept looking at him. He was stunned for a moment and the guy from the picture seized him for awhile until the first freed himself and ran away. I look back and I saw a girl hit by the arrow. She must be dying. I kept looking outside because I could never see so much blood.

"It must be a miracle." I told myself shocked. "She is alive!"

I kept looking at her until Jase came back. He cleared his voice. "Lyra, your trip with me ends here." He unhand cuffed me. " The commander is here and he will take you with him."

I just stood there. I wanted to say something anything to him but I couldn't. I'm going to miss him for sure. I walked ahead and turned as he called my name.

"Lyra… Take care of yourself. Just tell them the truth and I promise you'll be fine."

"Okay I will." I smiled and turned away. But he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He wanted to kiss me, but he didn't. We stood face to face body touching the other until I touched his lips. I freed myself from his hands and stood with the commander outside.

"I'll come for you as soon as I finish from here." He shouted to me.

I smiled at him and climbed into the commanders car.  

The End

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