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I whip out my phone and start viewing Aidan's facebook (and my dad says Facebook's not useful). One of my other Facebook companions has Aidan's best friend, Howard, as her friend. I didn't even know teachers accepted their pupils as FB friends... He left the school a year ago and certainly wouldn't accept me as a friend- we were like mortal enemies. My friends and I even made a chant-well, okay, not really a chant, just the "Cant Touch Us" tune with 'Howard' spoken in an angry voice instead of 'Can't touch us'.

I scroll through Howard FB friends the stop and surpress a gasp. On his friend's list is Stuart Cooper-another of my intended 'prey'. I haven't seen him for at least 2 years! I save his Profile pic to my phone, along with the others, and scrawl on a rough piece of paper wedged in my bag. "The number of teachers with Facebook: 6, 7,  8"

I could have not got on this new bus but I have 'work' to do. I have to stay with the teachers. Anyway I'm not leaving Aidan if there are going to be more mass-murderers and such.

Now, one of the teachers at the front is standing up. She's not a nun but she is so old she must have practically lived her life in the RE Department.

Oh, I think she's about to say something.

The End

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