New Faces (From The Old Bus)

I wake up suddenly to hear the sound of somebody throwing up in the bathroom across from my seat. I wonder how long I have been alseep-probably ages, knowing me. Although, I havn't slept in days (I've been worried about stuff--but that's not important at this minute) and I don't often sleep continuously. Strangely I can sleep better on buses then in my own bed at home...

My name's Meggie Greene and I've been on this bus trip for a while, now. My school-group was the first to get on but I've been keeping to myself; I hate everything I've seen so far. Fighting, war and death...

I'm sitting on the left side of the bus, row 12 across the aisle from some bathrooms, where the young women just ginergerly walked back from. She looks abit amazed, and when she returns to her seat I can hear people praising God. I wonder what I've missed, then I realise the bus has stopped-that will be what has woken me. I was in row 13 earlier but I moved for some strange guys-I didn't want to get in their way and they seemed to be in deep conversation with each other. When they leave I'll move back-13 is my favorite number in the world, but, again, that is way too complicated to go into now.

Anyway I was sitting on the left because I prefer the company of adults. We have teachers with us (a few rows foward in row 3) but they are usless in a crisis-all they seem to do is pray. Typical Religion Education teachers! Though Mr. Aidan Bible doesn't look too bad praying.

He's not doing that now, though. At the moment he's counting heads and relaying information back to one of the other teachers. A man multitasking! I knew this guy was a genius! When he looks over at me, I flash him my most charming grin, to which he grins back. Oh, I do love his smile!

We are going on this Religious Education trip but it feels like it's taking us forever to get there. I generally don't mind RE but, of course, it depends on the teacher. Aidan's a great teacher; fun-loving and jokey, with a twinge of foreign accent in his voice.

There are alot of strange people on this bus--and I don't just mean the remainer of my classmates still here. The other people. They act differently like they're not meant to be here, but how would I  know if they're any different to myself anyway? I'm not special. I've tried to be special, but it just runs away from me, like a glamour model from a pool of mud!

Tom and his girlfriends are still here, I see looking to the back. All they think about is sleeping with someone for fun, not because of any common interest or anything. It's all about looks for them... I highly dissaprove...Urg, now I'm sounding like my mother... Gothy/emo-y Alexus has gone, and so has Drake but they never botherered me. Not at school, and not here...

Ash is standing at the front. Probably trying to take charge, as usual. He thinks he's so big just because he shares the surname of Abraham Van Helsing-'Famous' (and also fictional) vampire slayer. He looks a little pale, at the moment, but it doesn't worry me.

Amber is still here too... Though I try not to rub noses with The Poshest Girl in School, but here she is. Apparently, you know, she's never had a boyfriend. "Mummy and Daddy won't let me have a suitor till I'm older" God, what a freak! Though sometimes I think she puts it all on; it's her parents who are the posh ones and Amber just wants a normal life. I think they probably 'encouraged' to take this trip, they even came along to 'supervise'. It makes me think twice about hating my parents.

Sophie was here earlier but I think she probably got off when we swapped buses. That was a bit of a shock for her... It's a shame really: Sophie was an amateur writer, and no more or less than an aquantaince of mine, so I suppose the closest thing I have to a friend of this silly foreign trip.

The End

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