Father, Daughter.

Morgan and I had jumped to our feet when the guy with the cross bow had shot that girl.

I had been standing a seat over from that Alex guy just incase he did anything around the blood.

"Dad!" Morgan cried out. I threw her my water bottle and she frantically dabed the shot girls forehead. Grasping her hand and wispering in her ear it would be ok.

I couldn't help feeling proud she had called me dad.

As the shot girl woke up I ran to Morgan. This was all to much stress for her. There was so much blood on the floor. Morgan had already begun spongeing it up. I joined her using an old shirt I had in my bag.

I didn't want to cause that Alex guy anymore trouble with all the blood. Besides that Van Helsing Guy had gone slightly white.

"Are you ok?" No answer. "Hey?"

I noticed Morgan was checking if Mai and Olivia were Ok. I went over to Alex. I realised I was probably being a bit overprotective dad but my daughter was on the bus and I wasn't going to have her shot. "What in heavens name just happened?"

"Hunter. He meant to shoot me. She shouldn't have dived in the way". He was shaking a little. I put my hand on his shoulder very awkwardly.

"Will you be ok ?"

"I hope so. Thanks for clearing up that blood there"

"Its alright" I walked around to see if everyone else was ok.

The End

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