Every Little Thing's Gonna Be All Right

"Olivia, we can't heal this," I say, the silver tears sparkling on my cheeks. Much as she's an idiot, and human, I've come to love this impulsive girl. I don't want her to die.

"We have to get Chief Markus," says Olivia. I nod. We need the Commander with us now, though he's not a healer. His energy will help and maybe we can get her Home.

"I don't have enough energy to call him, Olivia," I say weakly. I've agreed to heal this wound alone to start with, Olivia conserving her energy to help me if I falter. We're both almost full to the top with the energy now, or were before this.

"I'll do it. Mai, just do what you can. No one can ask more than that." I nod, tears flowing more freely. "On a normal bus that wouldn't have happened, but then again, if it had, she'd be dead already." I nod. Olivia calls the Commander. I know he'll be here soon, and that thought helps me to relax.

Five or ten minutes later he arrives. The bus is stationary - if we move now, we could lose Gabby. He strides towards us, and I feel confident again. Every little thing's gonna be all right now, because the Commander is here. I smile and the movement dislodges one of the sparked tears, which falls as if in slow-motion towards the wound on Gabby's chest. It's beautiful, sparkling as it falls, catching the light. As it hit the wounds, the silver explodes, coating the hole in her chest with light.

"Mai!" exclaims the Commander. He takes me in his arms as I stare at the wound, shocked. "Mai, the tear of a Healer is the most powerful cure ever. She's going to live. She's going to be fine!" I don't believe it. I've healed her. My first every mortal wound healing - I've never done something as serious as this before.

She's going to be fine - because of a tear. A tear imbued with sparks and love. The most powerful spell of all.

The End

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