Accidents happen

Gabby asks me what she should do about going with Mai, but before I can answer, Zack whips around, accusing Gabby of lying, loads a silver arrow in his cross bow – which I have never seen before – and aims it at me. My first instinct is to freeze, close my eyes and hope that hell isn’t too bad, to yell and scream and beg for mercy. But I don’t.

‘There you are,’ Zack laughs and gets ready to shoot. I see hesitation in his eyes, but a determination so fierce that I was sure I couldn’t dissuade him. His hand shakes and just as I open my mouth to say something to him, Gabby throws herself between me and Zack. Her cry makes Zack jump and he fires. The bolt hits Gabby in the chest and she falls to the floor with a thud. Mai rushes to help her and Zack stands there, his mouth hanging open in shock. His green eyes are wide and the look on his face is one of terror.

I look up at Zack, horrified that he had shot her. I might be a vampire, but I'm not this bad!

The End

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