Oh My God!

'Let me go talk to him.' I offered.

'No!' I heard Alex hiss. But I was already gone.

I walked up towardds the fifth row, where the hunter was sitting, cradling my arm so as not to jostle it.

'Excuse me?' I tapped the shadowy man on the shoulder. 'Can I see that photo again?'

The gave me a once over, his eyes lingering on my arm, then pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket.

I looked at the photo, rumpling my brow slightly - everyone always used to say I was a good liar. 'hmm, the face looks familiar. Yeah...' I touched the prominent cheekbones and angular nose lightly with the tip of my finger. 'but the guy I saw...his hair was much darker than this.' That was a lie, but I thought I might as well lead the hunter as far off Alex's trial as possible.

I handed the picture back to the guy. 'I've seen him. I was sitting next to him . He seemed nice but he got off a while ago. Did I hear you say he killed someone?'

The hunter shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 'Yeah, at the service station not too long ago.'

I pretended to be thoughtful for a moment, 'I'm sure he was off by then, I was going to ask him if he wanted something from the shop, but then I remembered he had left.

'Sorry but I think you're on the wrong bus.'

And with that, I walked away.

'You're a good actress.' Alex whispered.


A little while later, the hunter got off the bus and Alex came out of his cramped position. He told me that he used to hunt vampires with that guy, and I asked a few questions. He seemed to get annoyed by my curiosity.

‘You’ll be fine if you ignore me for the rest of my life,’ He finally told me, but I don't tell him that thats no longer possible for me. I guess my curiosity is too much.


I had been just about to doze off about an hour later when Mai came up to me.

'You're going to travel through space.' She told me, after explaining that the blade that I used to cut myself was infected.

I turned to Alex, needing him to help me in any way he can. I don't want to leave.

The End

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