Gone, for now...

‘You can come out now,’ Gabby says as the bus lurches back into movement. I sigh heavily, tension draining out of me as I try to get out from under the chair. Somehow though, I had a feeling that wouldn’t be the last we saw of Zack.

The sun is rising slowly and people that had drifted off to sleep during the night were beginning to wake up. Lillith is slowly transforming back into her human form and as I wriggle out from under the seat, Gabby flashes me an odd glance. I think she’s still getting used to the fact that I'm a vampire. I hoped she wasn’t thinking about the guy I killed earlier. Or maybe she’s wondering who Zack is; why he’s looking for me. She answers my unspoken questions as I take my seat again, brushing dust off my clothes.

‘Who was that guy?’ she asks quietly. I glare down at the floor as I answer.

‘A vampire hunter. We used to be very good friends, but now that I'm a vampire, he apparently doesn’t care about that anymore.’ I frown at the floor, remembering how we used to laugh together. 

‘You used to be friends? What, did you hunt together or something?’ Gabby’s curiosity seems to be endless!

‘Yes, that’s how we found each other, on the trail of the same vampire. He was always better than me though. Which is why now, I'm so afraid of him. I know just how ruthless he is.’ I say as my frown deepens. ‘That’s not the last we will see of him. He knows where I’ve been, he knows I was on the bus. He will be on my trail for a long time.’ I look up at Gabby. Her face betrays some kind of attachment to me, as she looks kind of worried for me. I smile carelessly.

‘You’ll be fine if you ignore me for the rest of my life,’ I tell her wryly.

The End

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