I had just woken up a few minutes ago from unconsciousness. That freak Anne appeared in my laptop. That really freaked me out.

I had a dream about her, while I was out cold. She came and said sorry right before I woke up, and that she supposed Mike was too old for her. By Mike, I suppose she meant Ghost Wheeler.

Somehow, though, I can tell that it wasn't a dream. She visited me for real. I don't know how, but she did. That touched me. She loved her cousin Amber that much to visit her after she had died. How had she come to me? I guess she was a ghost.

Anyway. I was lying in my seat, with my stomach hurting because my laptop had been poking into it and my legs feeling cramped(sounds familiar?) and my eyes closed since I was still drowsy. Then this guy came up to me. He had green eyes, and he was holding a picture. "Have you seen him?" he asked, pointing at the picture. It was picture of the red-eyed guy. Alex was his name, I think. I looked around, and didn't see him. Maybe he got off while I was unconscious.

"I can't see him. I was asleep for the last two or three hours. I think he got off then."

"Oh." The man looked disappointed and frustrated. Why was he looking for him? "Thanks, anyway."

He went and took a seat two rows behind me after asking around for the red-eyed dude some more. He asked my parents. They said that they hadn't seen him and he probably got off. I looked around to see who else had gotten off. Evidently, Gloria had. She wasn't anywhere on the bus. Anne wasn't here either. I could feel it. She was far away, her mind finally at peace...

I decided to look out the window. We drove on and on, for ages it seemed. When I checked my watch, it had only been ten minutes. We passed service stations, small shops, ponds. Lot of greenery around. The sky was a nice blue, and birds were singing. I longed to get off the bus. I guewss the bus had stopped while I was out.

What was wrong with Anne? She made so many weird choices... becoming an exotic dancer, for one. She was a very smart person, first in her year in school, and among the top in college. She could have easily gotten a good job. If she wasn't going to do anything in that feild, why had she applied for a degree in Philosophy? And in Biology?

Why did she like that Mike guy so much? Yeah, he was hot, but she was pretty, and there were many men who were hotter who asked her out. He didn't even love her. I knew that she liked him only for looks... but that doesn't make much sense.

Why did she change her name? I still called her Anne, but she changed it to Fancy Anne. How weird is that.

My mom once told me tat there was something... wrong with her. She had a mental condition. Not too bad, but bad enough to make her go slightly whacked.

The bus was slowing down. The green-eyed guy got off at this stop. I heard a sigh of relief from the girl behind me, in Row seven.

The End

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