Ohhhhh no. Oh no. Oh no. Ohno ohno ohno ohno.

I slouch into my seat. He was someone I used to work with. And now he was after me!

Bloody vampire hunters! The writer kid and the escort are delaying him. Not that it will be much use. I am trapped here. Gabby looks curiously from me to the hunter – Zack – and back again. Zack doesn’t notice Gabby looking at me or him; he is focusing on the escort asking if he has permission to carry the concealed weapons. Of course he does, it’s only a normal hand gun after all. It’s not like you need anything more to kill a vampire. It just takes a bit longer and a very well placed shot compared to killing a normal human.

Lillith behind me is growling loudly, and draws Zack’s attention down this end of the bus. I whimper as Zack pushes past the escort, ignoring his question, not believing it deserved an answer. I slide off my seat and push myself under the seat in front. It’s very cramped, but to be honest, it’s a matter of life and death. Kind of. Seeing as I'm already dead... I’ll think about that one later.

Zack doesn’t notice me as he goes past to see to Lillith. She snaps at him and as he approaches, takes a swipe at him, but he continues unflinchingly. I tremble slightly as he approaches the camera guy that attacked me. He holds out the picture and the camera guy looks around.

‘He must have gotten off some place, I can’t see him,’ the guy says. I exhale silently, relieved for a moment. Zack stalks up the bus asking more people. Some say that I must have gotten off somewhere, as I'm out of sight, and some say they were sure I was here, but they must have not seen me get off. Each time the people on the bus say they can’t see me and think I got off the bus is a huge, but brief respite. I hear Zack’s questioning getting more and more frustrated. Zack was a very good hunter, and I was always second best next to him, so naturally, I was terrified of coming across him post-transformation. I had harboured a vague hope that he would forgive me for what I am, with the knowledge that I would hate what I am and the fact that we were friends. But apparently I was hoping in vain; he is as ruthless now, looking for me, as he was when I was good friends with him.

I feel sick with anxiety, and being balled up under a bus seat is not much fun. And it’s not helping how ill I feel. I feel like screaming to release my tension, but I can’t.

With an air of frustration, Zack storms past me again, and takes a seat in row five. Far too close. And to answer Gabby’s question, I mouth at her

‘A few stops after him,’ Gabby looks up at Zack and nods to herself, cradling her arm thoughtfully.

The End

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