What Vampire?

Jase stood to do his rounds and caught the part of the newcomers and the writers conversation. Then the indescribable women tried to intervene. She looked about as menacing as a kitten.

Jase caught a glimpse of the photo in the mans hand. It was the vampire. He flicked his gaze to Alex. He was hiding behind one of the seats talking to the girl that had just woken up. As far as Jase was concerned he had controlled himself, and he doubted that he would be given a trial by the hunter.

Jase reached back and took his shotgun.

"Excuse me. Is the a problem?"

The man in the trench coat was cut off by the writer.

Jase discreetly winked at him and told him to sit down and leave it to the professionals. Martin did a pretty convincing job of still being pretty pissed and hiding his smirk.

"As I was saying, I'm looking for this man. He's a vampire who killed a man at the gas station few miles back."

"Did you say vampires?"


Jase laughed in the mans face.

"First off, vampires don't exist. Second, if you don't have any proof that that so called vampire did commit murder, I'm going to have to ask you stop causing trouble. I've already thrown a couple of jokers like you off this bus, and I woke hesitate to do it again."

Jase cocked the shotgun loudly and leaned closer to the so called hunter.

"And'a, do you have a license for those concealed weapons?"

The End

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