Trouble for Alex

"Have you seen this guy?" Oh, God. A mumbler. A picture. Martin looked at it, his mind refusing to accept what was on it. Then, it registered. Alex. 

"Who's asking?" he demanded, his confidence increased by the presence of... You still don't know her name... Well, he was given confidence by her presence. 

"My name's not important. Have you seen him?" he waved the picture under Martin's nose, staring at him imperiously. He had a grizzled, somewhat worn appearance, and the bottom of the coat was splattered with mud. He'd been travelling, that was obvious. But, how had he known that Alex was on this bus? Or was it pure coincidence? However much he may not like Alex, however much he may detest him, he wasn't going to sell him out to such a distasteful fellow.

"Your name's important to me. You want to know if I've seen him. I want to know your name, and why you want him." At this point, Martin stood up, bringing himself to his full height of 5ft 11, and started glowering at the man. "That seems fair to me. If not, I'll call the escort up here and I'll have you thrown off the bus!" He couldn't help but sneak a quick look down at the woman, to see what she was doing, but then he looked back at the stranger and stared him straight in the eye, neither of them blinking for at least a minute.


The End

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