My sight came slowly back into focus. I could see Mai's face looking intently at my wounds. She looked exhausted.

I realised that could still feel a really intense pain in my arm. When I'd seen Mai heal people before, hadn't they been fixed immediately?

Her brow was rumpled slightly, and I became aware of the presence of the spider-girl. Olivia, was it? They were both working on me, hands sparking, but they were definitely low on energy. A distant part of my cloudy mind was sorry for not believing her before.

Eventually, I was able to sit up and talk again.

'It's okay, Mai, I think I'll be alright.'

She frowned even more.

'I was only able to get rid of the infection. The cuts are still pretty deep and it could become infected again.'

I nodded, but told her it was fine.

'It's my own fault ayway, I shouldn't have cut myself. Please get some sleep now - You look wrecked.'

She agree, and I went back to my seat. But instead of sitting next to the wolfish Lillith, I sat in the seat infront, next to Alex.

'Do you think she's okay?' I asked him, tilting my head towards the whimpering wolf.

He looked worried and indecisive for a moment, but then noded.

'She hasn't done anything so far. I think she'll be fine. We just have to wait for the sun to rise again.'

I looked around myself. I'd been out for awhile. We must have stopped somewhere, because I noticed at least three new people; a drop dead gorgeous girl that I knew was an angel - though I had never seen one before, a boy staring at the model-like woman, and a girl bickering with the boy.

I also noticed that the pregnant lady was gone, and Morgan was sitting next to the biker dude. Wonder why? Another glance around the bus revealed that the ghost was out of sight too. had she gone with Gloria?

 My stomach growled loudly and Alex laughed before managing to control himself. I looked at him.

'Sorry, it's just weird to hear a stomach rumbling. It doesn't happen to me anymore. Here, have some crisps.'

I take the Salt and Vinegar crisps from him. I don't like that flavour much - it hurts my lips - but in the circumstances, I practically inhaled them.

When I was finished, I decided to talk to my vampire friend  for a bit.

'So, where are you getting off?'

The End

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