Deliver them from evil

Auvrea placed a hand upon his cheek, stroking it gently. "Thankyou, but you know..." She paused, pushing herself further into the chair. "Looks arn't everything, its what is in here." She placed a hand on her heart, then placed it on her forehead. Then smiled.

"So, what is your name?" She showed a slight grin, wondering how he had forgotten all the pleasantries of conversation. "And, arn't you a writer?" She motioned towards the notebook that showed in his bag. It was a little torn, but you could still probabaly read it. She reached under his chair, pulling it out of his bag.

She carressed the torn pages, making a slight tutting noice. "Such a waste." She muttered, but then waited for him to answer her. "Remember, Humans can't read your mind." She thought to herself.

The End

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