Women Glow?

Auvrea giggled. A small chuckle escaped her throat, she couldn't help it. But she sat down on the seat, crossing her legs. She felt as if she was glowing as the light hit her hand, turning it a light yellow.

"What's wrong?" She tilted her head, he seemed to be staring a lot at her. "What is he looking at?" She thought. Then she remembered. "You shall have supernatural beauty, but this is only so you can help them escape Vanity,Pride,Greed and Coveting." She hated those words. Except, there were some words echoing that of her... 'employer.' They were the words of her first lover. "Women glow, but you. You create light." She ran a hand through her hair, trying to clear her thoughts. Focusing more on the here and now. "That is the past. That is History."

The End

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